Drama Wall, watch hk drama, Birth Of A HeroThis drama Birth Of A Hero is about Edwin Siu and his sister Rachel Kan operate their inn and live quietly to avoid being caught up in the drama of the underworld. But Edwin, in an attempt to win back his ex-lover Roxanne Tong, participates in a competition for new heroes. Because of this, scandals in the Eastern Depot are exposed and Edwin is imprisoned by Eastern Depot official Ben Wong. To save her brother, Rachel spreads rumours that there is hidden treasure at the inn. Not only does Ben immediately release Edwin, he also sends his right-hand woman, Grace Chan, to travel with Edwin to the inn and collect intelligence. The rumour attracts many hidden heroes to emerge and try different tactics. In the process, Grace finally discovers the truth about the murder of her parents from many years ago, causing her to turn against Ben. In addition, she develops feelings for Edwin and they are determined to reform the wulin world together. It gives new vitality to a dying wulin, but the two of them fall into the revenge plot that the kind senior, John Chiang, has planned for a long time…

為免涉足江湖恩怨情仇,玉雲龍 (蕭正楠飾) 與姐玉嬌鳳 (簡慕華飾) 安份守己經營客棧生意,誰料雲龍為重奪舊愛艾冰冰 (湯洛雯飾) 芳心毅然參加新晉英雄大賽,因而牽涉揭發東廠黑幕,被東廠的仇不群 (黃智賢飾) 收入監牢,嬌鳳救弟心切,暗中放風指客棧有隱世寶物,不群不單立即釋放雲龍,更派出左右手仇在心 (陳凱琳飾) 跟隨雲龍到客棧收取情報,此事亦引來各路隱世英雄一一湧現,各施奇謀,期間令一直尋找殺害雙親的在心發現真相,倒戈相向對付不群之餘,更與雲龍產生感情,決心一同改革武林,令本已奄奄一息的武林再現生氣,但二人卻陷入本是慈悲老人任我飛 (姜大衞飾) 籌謀已久的復仇大計……

Release Date: 5 March 2018 – 30 March 2018
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Costume, Comedy, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 20 Episodes
Director: Hu Jiabin (胡家斌)
Stars / Cast:

Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)玉雲龍 (平安客棧說書人/少林寺學徒)
Ben Wong (黃智賢)仇不群 (提督)
Grace Chan (陳凱琳)仇在心 / 心姐 (錦衣衛千戶)
John Chiang (姜大衞)任我飛 (武林盟主)
Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯)艾冰冰 (豆腐舖老闆娘)
Rachel Kan (簡慕華)玉嬌鳳 (平安客棧老闆娘)
Tyson Chak (泰臣)謝過 (純真派弟子)


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