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Line Walker: The Prelude – 使徒行者2

Line Walker: The Prelude, Line Walker 2, drama monster, korean drama, tv seriesThis drama “Line Walker: The Prelude – 使徒行者2” is about in 2010, Cheuk Hoi secretly travels to Bangkok to conduct a drug operation with his undercover agents in Thailand. As they finish their mission and are about to leave Thailand, an explosion causes all of Michael’s undercover agents to die in a sea of fire. At the same time, Michael’s good friend, CIB Inspector Eddie Cheung, is killed for unknown reasons, leaving Michael in charge of a female cop who is not yet officially an undercover. Michael knows that Eddie still has undercover agents whose identities have been deleted. To learn the truth about Eddie’s death, Michael must find all of the undercovers. He and Priscilla begin to search for the undercover agents.


Other Name: Line Walker 2
Release Date: 18 September 2017
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 30 Episodes
Director: So Man Chung (蘇萬聰)
Stars / Cast:

Michael Miu (苗僑偉)卓凱 (卓Sir)高級督察, 跟蹤組指揮官, 臥底聯絡員
Benz Hui (許紹雄)覃歡喜 (歡喜哥)四年前為CIB督察,後被革職而成為臥底,三年前加入「長興」,後為福和龍頭兼福和海鮮酒家老闆
Pakho Chau (周柏豪)樂少鋒/td>假冒臥底/福和頭馬
Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪)徐天堂臥底/新長興普通會員,後為長興頭馬
Priscilla Wong (黃翠如)鄭淑梅臥底, 卓凱之下屬
Moses Chan (陳豪)魏德信龍頭, 棱智集團主席, 高級會所「Blue Moon」合夥人
Jessica Hsuan (宣萱)施嘉莉稜智財務職員,後辭職;高級會所「Blue Moon」合夥人


Chinese Subtitle Episodes:
English Subtitle Episodes:

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