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The Trading Floor – 东方华尔街

Drama Wall, watch hk drama, The Trading FloorThis drama The Trading Floor is about Anthony Yip, the Secretary of the Minister of Economic Development, collaborates with the “Three Financial Giants”: Eastman Properties president Ronald Man, Evergate Construction Materials president Fok Kin and Marco Media president Cheung Yung to manipulate the financial market for profit. In order to generate an even greater gain, Yip brings back financial genius Wai Hong from Myanmar, where he had been hiding from international authorities, in order to set the stage for a new financial crisis.

《东方华尔街》讲述了一队隐世的金融雇佣兵,狙击政经界传奇人物,并搅动整个金融市场的复仇故事。 吴镇宇饰演的叶抱一和张孝全饰演的韦航原本是师徒关系,他们怀揣理想组建CASH1.0,希望凭借一己之力维护健康金融秩序,无奈被金融巨鳄幕后操控,师徒之情却反目成仇,十年后CASH2.0粉墨登场,展开了一场个人恩怨和社会责任的精彩博弈,并将整个金融市场卷入了争斗的漩涡中。

Release Date: 24 May 2018
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Financial Thriller, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 05 Episodes
Director: Wong Kwok Keung (黃國強)
Stars / Cast:

Francis Ng (吳鎮宇)葉抱一 (Anthony, 韋航的師父)
Joseph Chang (張孝全)韋航 (葉抱一的徒弟)
Yu Nan (余男)方璇 (Claudia, 證監會法規執行部高級經理→被停職→證監會法規執行部總監→被停職調查)
Patrick Tam (譚耀文)卓意寧 (金融管理部特別顧問→CASH的創始成員→流亡緬甸→以神秘組織的成員現身高雲城)
Maggie Cheung (張可頤)章秀頤 (Pamela, 章慧莎的母親)


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